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Are you trying to get pregnant? When I was trying, I had been on the pill a long time. Since it seemed to be hard getting pregnant, and I was getting fed up of one failed pregnancy test after another, I had often wondered whether the pill was interfering.

Do You have to Wait Before You Try to Get Pregnant?

When I spoke to my doctor about this, he informed me that I should try to wait at least a few months before even trying to get pregnant. It was disappointing to hear this, but in some ways it was reassuring since, even though I’d been trying for months, those first few months were unlikely to be successful in the first place.

I wouldn’t recommend trying straight away like I did – I learned afterwards that your body takes time to get ready for pregnancy. Also, I’d definitely advise talking to your own doctor for some expert advice.

Can the Pill Stop Me From Getting Pregnant?

You don’t have to worry that the pill will leave you infertile – it won’t! This was definitely my biggest fear. The main problem is getting back to regular periods, but this usually only takes a few months. Within this time I started to take prenatal vitamins to help improve my body in preparation for trying to get pregnant.

It is important to realise that it can take longer than three months to get back to your most fertile – I certainly think this was the case for me. Don’t rush, as this can cause you stress and make things even harder.

And remember, if you do end up getting pregnant straight after coming off the pill then that also isn’t a bad thing! It didn’t happen for me, but it does happen for some – and your pregnancy should run perfectly smoothly.

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