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If you’re trying to get pregnant then a pregnancy test is always going to be a big moment. I know exactly how it feels when you’re desperate to take that test – especially if you keep asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant?! But sometimes patience can be the key, and it can help to save you stress in the long run.

How Long Does A Test Take to Work?

First things first, you should know that the pregnancy test is based on levels of hCG hormones in your body. The most sensitive tests can detect levels of this hormone as quickly as 7 days after ovulation, but you have to give time for implantation which could take 6-12 days after ovulation.

I know the feeling – I would always get out the test as soon as I could, just a few days after ovulation, and I’d end up disappointed. But, looking back, I think that doing the test so often was not how to get pregnant! After all, it just makes you stressed, and stress does NOT help getting pregnant at all.

So, you should try to wait at least 12 days after ovulation, but if you have symptoms sooner and want to take a test – make sure it’s a very sensitive one. If it’s negative at this early stage, you could still be pregnant!

What About A Faint Line on the Test?

What if you see a faint line on the pregnancy test? This happened to me and I am pleased to say it was because I wasn’t as far as long as I thought I was. All I did was wait a few days and the test came out a lot stronger than the first time!

The bottom line? If you keep asking yourself ‘why can’t I get pregnant’, then try to relax a little about the test. Don’t stress by taking tests every single day, as this is not how to get pregnant! Instead, take them when you’ve given your body the time it needs. If it’s negative, just keep trying and stay positive.

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If you’re trying to get pregnant, taking pregnancy tests all the time but getting disappointed, then it could definitely help you to learn and understand some of the pregnant symptoms!

The first thing to remember is that you won’t always recognise the symptoms, and not all women go through the same thing. They will also change as your pregnancy progresses.

Missing Your Period

I am letting you know this pregnancy information so you aren’t disappointed – if you miss a period then you are not definitely pregnant. In the past, this has happened to me simply down to stress, and it can also come from being overtired. And if you are pregnant, your periods could also still continue lightly for months. Pregnancy tests can help you discover what the case really is.


One of the most common pregnant symptoms is nausea, which may or may not cause you to vomit. And ‘morning sickness’ doesn’t just happen in the morning, it can come at any time and can even be triggered by certain foods that you previously used to love. You might even find that certain smells make you feel sick.

Other Signs of Pregnancy

Some of the other common symptoms include swollen or tender breasts and excess urination. But remember, these can all be misleading (unfortunately) – for example, excess urination could be down to urinary infection, tension, diabetes or other conditions. This is why symptoms can be so confusing for first-time mothers!

The very best way to tell is by having your first ultrasound. When the fetal heartbeat is heard, it’s clear that you’re now carrying a baby!

So try not to stress. If you have these symptoms and can’t wait to find out, then use pregnancy tests that are designed to be extra sensitive. Otherwise, remember that it can take a while to get pregnant, so don’t give up.

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