If you’ve read my story you probably know just how desperate I was to have a baby, always wondering ‘why can’t I get pregnant?’ and basically thinking that I must have been infertile. Luckily, though, I never gave up.

This is why I am writing this review. I found a product called ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ claiming to help me get pregnant. After my amazing experience with this program, I really wanted to put an honest review out there on the net. This is just my experience, but I hope it can help someone out there.

What Pregnancy Miracle Claims to Do

I came across a lady just like me called Lisa Olsen. In fact, the doctor had even told her she would never get pregnant, but her story really compelled me when she said she had given birth to healthy children. She also had many other women leave testimonials on the site, who used her method and finally gave birth after years – sometimes decades – of trying to get pregnant.

Of course I was a little wary. Lisa’s system is called ‘Pregnancy Miracle’, but I didn’t want something else to let me down again, so I read about her system as much as I could before I signed up.

The good thing about it is that it’s based on natural methods, nutrition and ancient Chinese medicine without using drugs. I didn’t know if it would work, but there were so many happy women leaving messages on her site, and I had nothing left to lose.

How It Worked for Me

The great news is that this system really worked for me. Just like she said, it only takes a couple of months of following everything she teaches until you find yourself pregnant! I couldn’t quite believe it myself, but I finally did when I held my baby in my arms for the first time.

I must warn you though, you really need to be committed and determined to follow her methods. When you follow them exactly, you should see success.

This ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ really is a godsend for women like me. Even though it uses completely natural and proven methods, doctors just don’t know about them. They were ready to give up on me, but something inside me made me try this one last option. I’m so glad I did!

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If you’re trying to get pregnant then a pregnancy test is always going to be a big moment. I know exactly how it feels when you’re desperate to take that test – especially if you keep asking yourself why can’t I get pregnant?! But sometimes patience can be the key, and it can help to save you stress in the long run.

How Long Does A Test Take to Work?

First things first, you should know that the pregnancy test is based on levels of hCG hormones in your body. The most sensitive tests can detect levels of this hormone as quickly as 7 days after ovulation, but you have to give time for implantation which could take 6-12 days after ovulation.

I know the feeling – I would always get out the test as soon as I could, just a few days after ovulation, and I’d end up disappointed. But, looking back, I think that doing the test so often was not how to get pregnant! After all, it just makes you stressed, and stress does NOT help getting pregnant at all.

So, you should try to wait at least 12 days after ovulation, but if you have symptoms sooner and want to take a test – make sure it’s a very sensitive one. If it’s negative at this early stage, you could still be pregnant!

What About A Faint Line on the Test?

What if you see a faint line on the pregnancy test? This happened to me and I am pleased to say it was because I wasn’t as far as long as I thought I was. All I did was wait a few days and the test came out a lot stronger than the first time!

The bottom line? If you keep asking yourself ‘why can’t I get pregnant’, then try to relax a little about the test. Don’t stress by taking tests every single day, as this is not how to get pregnant! Instead, take them when you’ve given your body the time it needs. If it’s negative, just keep trying and stay positive.

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So, you’ve said to yourself ‘I want to get pregnant’, but are confused about when to try. Most people go through this, and making the decision to get pregnant in the first place is one of the biggest of your whole life. Now you’ve decided, it’s time to remember that getting pregnant may not be as easy or as quick as you expect it to be.

You can start trying right away, but if you want to get pregnant then there are a few factors you should bear in mind. You should also know that there is no miracle cure as to how to get pregnant fast – it can take time so try to prepare yourself for that.

Are You Really Ready?

I know how easy it can be to rush into things, but I was careful to stop down and think about whether I was really ready, even though I knew I wanted to get pregnant. This included thinking about my home and weather it was ready for a child, and whether I could stay at home to look after a child, whether I could afford it.

The Best Chance of Getting Pregnant

So now you’ve decided you’re really ready it’s time to give you the best possible chance! I’m not telling you how to get pregnant fast – there’s no way of knowing – but I am telling you how you could improve things.

Talk to your doctor to make sure you’re in good shape, they might give you some advice like easing stress or whether it’s safe to get pregnant (if you’ve had any past medical problems).

Unfortunately all of this isn’t quite as exciting as I had first thought, as there’s a lot of science behind getting pregnant. But it’s a good thing to understand the process, as it can take months before you’re pregnant. Just don’t give up!

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Are you trying to get pregnant? When I was trying, I had been on the pill a long time. Since it seemed to be hard getting pregnant, and I was getting fed up of one failed pregnancy test after another, I had often wondered whether the pill was interfering.

Do You have to Wait Before You Try to Get Pregnant?

When I spoke to my doctor about this, he informed me that I should try to wait at least a few months before even trying to get pregnant. It was disappointing to hear this, but in some ways it was reassuring since, even though I’d been trying for months, those first few months were unlikely to be successful in the first place.

I wouldn’t recommend trying straight away like I did – I learned afterwards that your body takes time to get ready for pregnancy. Also, I’d definitely advise talking to your own doctor for some expert advice.

Can the Pill Stop Me From Getting Pregnant?

You don’t have to worry that the pill will leave you infertile – it won’t! This was definitely my biggest fear. The main problem is getting back to regular periods, but this usually only takes a few months. Within this time I started to take prenatal vitamins to help improve my body in preparation for trying to get pregnant.

It is important to realise that it can take longer than three months to get back to your most fertile – I certainly think this was the case for me. Don’t rush, as this can cause you stress and make things even harder.

And remember, if you do end up getting pregnant straight after coming off the pill then that also isn’t a bad thing! It didn’t happen for me, but it does happen for some – and your pregnancy should run perfectly smoothly.

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If you’re trying to get pregnant, taking pregnancy tests all the time but getting disappointed, then it could definitely help you to learn and understand some of the pregnant symptoms!

The first thing to remember is that you won’t always recognise the symptoms, and not all women go through the same thing. They will also change as your pregnancy progresses.

Missing Your Period

I am letting you know this pregnancy information so you aren’t disappointed – if you miss a period then you are not definitely pregnant. In the past, this has happened to me simply down to stress, and it can also come from being overtired. And if you are pregnant, your periods could also still continue lightly for months. Pregnancy tests can help you discover what the case really is.


One of the most common pregnant symptoms is nausea, which may or may not cause you to vomit. And ‘morning sickness’ doesn’t just happen in the morning, it can come at any time and can even be triggered by certain foods that you previously used to love. You might even find that certain smells make you feel sick.

Other Signs of Pregnancy

Some of the other common symptoms include swollen or tender breasts and excess urination. But remember, these can all be misleading (unfortunately) – for example, excess urination could be down to urinary infection, tension, diabetes or other conditions. This is why symptoms can be so confusing for first-time mothers!

The very best way to tell is by having your first ultrasound. When the fetal heartbeat is heard, it’s clear that you’re now carrying a baby!

So try not to stress. If you have these symptoms and can’t wait to find out, then use pregnancy tests that are designed to be extra sensitive. Otherwise, remember that it can take a while to get pregnant, so don’t give up.

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I know what it’s like to constantly ask yourself why you can’t get pregnant, which is why I think it’s important to learn some solid pregnancy information. Once you do, you’ll realise that getting pregnant isn’t as easy as most of us think! I certainly didn’t realise just how hard it can be.

Don’t Be Disappointed!
I was very disappointed when I didn’t get pregnant straight away – and I think that expecting to get pregnant straight away was my main problem. It isn’t likely at all that you’ll get pregnant within a month or two – so know this from the start and it’ll be a lot easier than it was for me!

When Do Most Couples Get Pregnant?
Most pregnancy information shows that couples usually get pregnant within the first year, and often it takes up to 18 months. During this time you probably won’t need any help getting pregnant, and most doctors won’t offer it to you. This is because it’s perfectly normal, though I must admit it took me a while to accept this fact.

Note: Even though it normally takes a while, if you have a history of certain medical conditions that can affect conception, then you may need help getting pregnant and should contact a professional.

So, if you start trying knowing these facts it can make things a lot easier! Just remember:

Only a quarter of fertile couples, actively trying to conceive, will get pregnant during the first cycle.
60% of couples will get pregnant within 6 months,
75% will get pregnant within 9 months,
And 90% will get pregnant within 18 months.

It might seem a long time to wait a year and a half (believe me – I know!) but when it does happen it will be worth the wait!

Getting pregnant isn’t instant – it means taking time to understand the process, and talking to your doctor for help. We’ve all been there, it just takes some courage and patience while you wait.

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If you’ve recently made the choice to get pregnant and are having a hard time, you’re probably asking yourself ‘why can’t I get pregnant?!’ Believe me, I asked myself the same question, and a million thoughts constantly went through my mind as to why it wasn’t working. I had such a desire to start a family, but it just wasn’t happening.

The first thing is to stop asking yourself ‘why can’t I get pregnant?’ It will only make things harder. The truth is, knowing how to get pregnant is not an exact science – there is no fixed timescale. I know it’s hard to wait, but it’s true. Even if both you and your partner are very fertile, your chances of conceiving in the first month are only 25% – most will have to wait months more.

I did always think to myself ‘I can’t get pregnant – what can I do??’ but this just wasn’t helping. So let’s start with the facts instead. Pregnancy is going to be harder to achieve for a few common reasons:

Your Age – If you are older it will take you longer to conceive, and generally each year you are over the age of 30, the more difficult it will be. Men’s fertility will also decrease, but usually after the age of 40.

Stress – Yes, it’s true – constantly saying to yourself ‘I can’t get pregnant’ or ‘I’ll never have kids’ is probably making you stressed, isn’t it? And stress is a huge factor in how easy it is to conceive. Try to make sure both you and your partner reduce the stress in your lives (and hopefully reading these facts will help you to do this).

Sperm Count – It could be the case that your partner has a low sperm count, making things that little bit slower, so get a test to find out. You should also recommend he tries loose fitting clothing and underwear to keep sperm production at its maximum.

Caffeine – Cutting down on how much coffee and caffeine you take in could really improve your chances of pregnancy.

Hormonal Problems – There are a range of hormonal problems that can make it harder to get pregnant. In this case it’s very important to get advice from a professional.

Believe me, I know how difficult it is to keep asking yourself ‘why can’t I get pregnant?’ Hopefully this website will help a little – and you should always know that it’s perfectly normal for conception to take a while! It took longer for me, but in the end I realised a little patience was all I needed to get pregnant.

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